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What is meant by keyword?

.what is keyword

SEO Learning Center; Keywords are ideas and topics that determine what your content is. From the SEO point of view, the search engineers’ access to search engines is also called “search terms”

As a website owner, you want the keywords on your site what people are looking for.

For example “SEO learning center”

KEY WORDS-SEO Learning CenterKEYWORDS-SEO Learning Center


  • Why are keywords important?

Keywords are important because they are the connection between people are looking for and the content they are offering to meet that need. The purpose of your search engine ranking. which traffic you are getting from the search engine results pages (SERP) to the keywords that you choose to drive and target organic traffic to your site.

Keywords are as much about your content as your listeners are because you can describe what you offer a little differently than some people ask. To create orderly and engaging content for your site visitors, you need to understand the needs of those visitors – the language they use and the type of content they are looking for.

     .   Long-tail Keyword

Keywords may be your primary goal, as search volume is often attractive. However, there is usually a lot of competition.

The only keyword on that strong competition could be anger. If someone is looking for a “dog”, you don’t know if they want a list of dog breeds, dog food information, where to buy a dog collar or just a page with cute pictures of dogs.

There is also room for long-tail keywords to be less competitive, and a smaller page to be marked on this Site.

long tail keywords-SEO Learning Center

  • Using keywords on your site

It’s not good to just put keywords on your site. Creating trustworthy content is not just about sending instructions to our robot friends on Google, it’s about providing real value for real people.

This includes the header note and the content of your content, which leads to an important point: Clickbait traps.

Using your keywords in these areas is the most important way to direct your content to research. Failure to follow these basic steps may prevent you from arranging in any other SEO learning center.

  • Use keywords to create content strategies

If you can often start with a keyword and create a piece around that term. Sometimes your content already exists and you need to figure out how to match the keywords.

Once keywords have identified each page of your site, you can use them to streamline your content and strategize. The most important way to do this is to start spread traffic, page access, and other metrics that are important to your business in the SEO learning center.

Ideally, you want each page on your site to target a unique keyword. In general, your homepage will target a very broad industry term, and when you create category pages, product pages, and articles, they will take your place and target more specific needs.

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