this ChatGPT thing

What is this ChatGPT thing?

Will this ChatGPT thing spoil the learning process of school, college and university students?  Will many people lose their jobs due to ChatGPT, such as developers, content writers, customer care agents, etc.?

First let’s understand what ChatGPT is:

Anxiety and fear of any new invention, technology or knowledge arises when you do not understand its uses, scope and limitations. Actually, ChatGPT is a language model based on AI. In simple language, it is a language calculator.

Each era has its own tools and calculators.

Once upon a time, when the calculator was invent, it was said in the early days that the calculator would affect the learn process of the students, and the students would be dependent on the machine to solve the problems.

But later the same calculator was allow to be used. If you consider a calculator, when a student or professional solves a big problem or calculation, he uses a calculator for various calculations.

So the calculator has a partial function and function in solving a larger problem, in writing a larger calculation, in solving a total problem. But did the calculator eliminate or replace the job of the accountant?

Did not eliminate, did not replace, yes, it definite happen that the accountant who did not know how to use a calculator was replace by a person who knows how to use a calculator.

As such, ChatGPT is today’s calculator.

This is not a mathematical calculator, but a “language calculator”, a language calculator.  An example of this calculator is a digital consultant, a digital advisor, a digital researcher, a digital analyst, a digital writer or a digital problem solver.

That is, you have got a tool in the form of ChatGPT which has a lot of functions to do a lot of small tasks at the same time, analyze the given input and data and other functions.

Now how you want to use this language calculator is up to you because you are the one using it. Its ultimate user is human.

You want to work in your field, you want to learn, you want to write, you want to solve problems; ChatGPT can help you with that, give you food for thought, tell you the basics and basics, but ChatGPT doesn’t necessarily do 100% of what you need.

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For example,

If you want to write on a topic .You want to make a plan, you want to make a strategy .You want to write a code, then ChatGPT according to the context, scenario and complexity of your question, given briefing or input.

Will give the answer or work to a sufficient extent or to some extent .But you will give the final form and final version of the work as per your need.

Another example:

If you want to create a whole building or plaza .Then ChatGPT can give you the idea of building a map. Map template, window, roof, door, etc. You have to build the building yourself using all the items and components.

Now consider the same example in the IT and software industry. So whether you are a student or a professional ChatGPT .Ill act as a “digital assistant and supporter” in your job, work. Business or learning process and not replace you.

There is a need for each person to learn according to their field .What can be the best use of ChatGPT in their field or teaching and learning process. Now how does ChatGPT work, what is its response and working process.

Where does ChatGPT fetch information, content (data) and objects from? I will talk about where it can be used and in which industry and sector in the next episode.

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