website traffic and ranking

Some methods for website traffic and ranking

1 Join Facebook groups

Website traffic and ranking Join Facebook groups “Jobs in Pakistan” . Govt Jobs, Jobs in UK, Jobs in USA, Jobs in UAE, Jobs in Saudi Arabia, Jobs like this on Facebook.

Some groups have millions of members. Some of these Facebook groups with millions of members will be found, with over 200,300 jobs Facebook groups for you to join.

 2 Upload related posts from Jobs

After joining the group, you have to visit the members who have posted the job in the group. will come to the website.

3 Unique data to be uploaded

The idea is not to copy the job post from anyone. 1. You have to write a separate job post by yourself and put it on the website. The same link is to be picked up and posted with the Groups Me thumbnail.

4.Auto links are to be placed on the post

After joining the groups, you have to post 1 + in each group and check if the post of the group is auto-approved, then pick the link and put it in a separate WhatsApp chat so that whenever you post, click on the auto-linked link and go directly to the group. I post it

5 Post the link in the comment of the group post

Go to the group’s Auto Approval of Havan group and see the latest job posting of someone or go to the comment of the admin’s task and comment the thumbnail or jobs apply link 2 or 3 times in the comment of each post.

6.Create groups of jobs on WhatsApp

Whichever group you see the post of, there the members, people have given their WhatsApp number. You have to collect and save the numbers of all of them.

And you have to create groups of jobs on WhatsApp. Add the numbers of the people you have picked up in the direct group. 60 or 70% of people’s WhatsApp is based on these numbers.

7.Give group link on WhatsApp website traffic and ranking

Whenever you post jobs, add the link of your WhatsApp group along with the website link so that the members will come to WhatsApp. Here you have to post separate links and you will have active members gathered on WhatsApp.

8.Set up a Facebook Jobs Ads campaign

Those who know about Facebook ads should invest a little and put a WhatsApp group link by setting up a job ads campaign. People will join groups. Active members groups will become yours on WhatsApp.


You have to create a WhatsApp group on a number that is blocked by you. So that people do not harass you by calling or messaging you. You can use fake WhatsApp to create groups.

What is Mobile App Marketing?

10.Short video daily post

You can make 1-2 short videos daily and post . This is another trending source. You can make $100,200 in one day after this video goes viral. The rest is your luck.

In the video, you should always get traffic to your website by searching the first word of your website without extension or etc. By which Google will consider your traffic as organic.


In this way you guys can generate minimum 1k+ traffic daily and maximum 2.5k.

12.Usually earn 5$ to 15$+

This way you can usually earn 5$ to 15$+. Or those who don’t have a website, if they understand the work, they can sell their traffic to me for 1k, I will give Rs. 500.

13.Premium country clicks from any IP

If you want ads limited on your website before $100, you can get premium country clicks from any IP with traffic. Or connect to someone by VPN and link to them and get 15 page views and 2 ads clicks. 1 minute ads max 3 min.

Location: UK, USA, Germany, AUS, Canada. One click from these countries can get you 3$ or 5$ CPC. And a payment from the IP clicked next. Do not click from this IP for days.

14. Any niche like free internet

Apart from Job inch you can work on any niche like free internet, mobile data and online earning in Pakistan. Any niche job you will search on traffic source. You will find something there. Get ideas. Start doing whatever you feel is right.

*Many people are working on this niche or those who are not, this post is for them. Work hard for 5-10 days at the start, the result will definitely come.

When your posting average is high, website traffic and ranking will increase. . I have personally taught a lot of people in inbox and are earning 50$ to 150$ per day by doing 100% extra hard work.


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